As good as it gets


As good as it gets

Postby Anonymoose » 2007 Sep 29 01:00

What changes (if any) could, in the Forum's opinion, improve the quality of life in Lexington/Rockbridge County? Are there areas that we could focus on that would add value to our daily experience? Just wondering what other people think. I believe there are untapped local assets, such as music, art, theatre, that could be enhanced to emphasize our rich cultural heritage, maybe some avenues that haven't been explored thoroughly. The MOC is off the table, and I'm not really sorry. Don't think it would round out our culture much, since we already have so much of that. Just fishing for thoughts, need some new discussion on the boards.


Postby resigned » 2007 Sep 30 17:46

I believe you have some good ideas. I believe the forum could be used for many things. I just got some very good help from ProBono and I think there are probably others out there with problems and don't have any ideas of how to deal with them. It would be nice to use the forum in that way for one example.

But it seems to me that the only topics that really get attention and discussed are politics or topics such as the ones about the dam. Some People seem to enjoy getting into quite negative postings. Now that is different from those who enjoy hearty debates which remain civil yet give each a venu to discuss opinions.

I can't think of any other ideas except I am glad the MOC isn't coming to Lexington.

What I would like to know is why Southerns still want to fight the Civil War. I am not even a Northerner but from the mid west, yet because I wasn't born in the South (it doesn't matter that many generations of my paternal family lived in Richmond) I am often labled a Yankee and I have to say that bothers me. I am first of all an American with a capital A.

Gee did I get off the topic :D


The South

Postby Anonymoose » 2007 Oct 02 07:14

Beck, there are worse things than being called a Yankee! I sometimes say it in jest to people I am fond of who just happen to be from the north. I've liked most Yankees I've met - am even married to one, although he's not what I consider a true Yankee. His heart is in Dixie. To understand people's fascination with the CW, you have to understand the psyche of Southerners. It's on the one hand very simple, yet very complex. I, too, am glad the MOC is not coming here. But, I still love to study CW history, particularly the lives of common people during that era. I think the strong characters that evolved during that time left a lasting impression on people. We don't have heroes like that anymore. Lexington just happens to be the place where some significant heroes are buried, and VMI has a strong influence as well. It's just a cultural thing. Southerners are very sentimental and romantic, and we like to write our history in the most glowing terms. That's the problem I have with a lot of CW history. We don't want to look at the way it impacted us negatively, even into this century. I'm much more interested in learning about slavery, white and black, and how it shaped our society, and continues to influence our opinions and prejudices. Yada yada yada. My fingers are getting tired, and it's way too early in the morning to continue!