Local Elections


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Sorry Hitman, I'm all out of troll food. :roll:


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Hey Harley,

What did you do, eat it all up before I could get there? If your commenting on this thread or any other thread you're feeding all the other trolls too!! AS WELL AS YOURSELF :)

Have you ever thought of becoming a Politician?


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Well Hitman there are a lot of people who care and Harleygrl has asked some very good questions. There was a time when civility was present in our country and people were nice to one another. I, like Harleygrl would like some relevant information. Those who like to sling mud have very little to say. Lets have some relevant and coherent information. So folks who enjoy the mudslinging. And lets not have the multiple personalities answer please.


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Hitman wrote:Hey Harley,

What did you do, eat it all up before I could get there? If your commenting on this thread or any other thread you're feeding all the other trolls too!! AS WELL AS YOURSELF :)

Have you ever thought of becoming a Politician?

*Oooh, owie, ouchie...sniffle..sniffle..yada, yada, yada..*

Look One Hit Wonder Man (and no, I'm not talking about a Vanilla Ice song), my name is not Alice. I do realize that a lot of mudslinging goes on during election time. I just felt there had been enough of it in this thread. I vote here, I want to be familiar with who I'm voting for.

While I never thought of becoming a politico, I understand there are a few prerequisites for the job. Dishonesty, shadyness, sliminess, and promiscuity to name a few. Maybe you should look into it, huh?

who lee oh

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Pros for Clark:
He "now" attends church.
He could pay deputys cash under the table and get by with it.

1 He says he is fair and honest but that is untrue. Fair: he plays favorites as witnessed by the violations in "his" subdivision. Honest: He makes the rules as he goes. He paid at least one employee cash and didn't pay taxes on this employee while the employee drawed unemployment benefits.
2 He says he will have an open door policy. He doesn't have one now regarding his subdivision. He ran me off saying "HE WAS GOD" according to the covenants. Covenants HE wrote and still violates.
3 He says the Sheriffs Department doesn't help out the other departments. Wrong. A deputy tried to save a mans life just the other day until EMS could get there. Can you think of an instance when the sheriffs department didn't help when called?
4 He says he will apply for grants, like it's a new idea or something only "he" can do.
5 He will get deputys off the interstate to patrol backroads. Not all deputys or even any, sit on the interstate, all the time.

How stupid to even think so. When a deputy gets a call he busts his butt to get there with 1 or 2 backing him up. If the deputys are that mad at Bob Day, they don't show it in their performance.
I think we live in a safe and protected county now. The deputys do a good job now as they have done in the past. Buy one of those little scanners and listen to them on a call. They are professional and hungry to get to the call. I have never heard one of them say we don't want to help any other department. They go where dispatch sends them. If you have prowlers or drug dealers or even own a 7-11 store in the county and are getting robbed or think you might, call dispatch. The Rockbridge Sheriff Deputys will be there in a hurry. I don't think Bob Day is going to tell them not to. He will probably be there with them like he was the other night trying to catch some crooks on the way to Richmond.

Who Lee OH Ricky Potter 461-1711

who lee oh

Postby who lee oh » 2007 Oct 25 21:33

I tried to play nice and even invite undecided voters to give me a call. I am happy to back up what I have said. Come on out and take a look. We'll even go talk to some deputys and investigators to hear first hand of the problems Clark says exsist in the department. We will listen in on some action and see how the deputys respond. We can go to the Sheriffs office and speak to him in person if you want. He hasn't ever run me off shouting "I AM GOD."

Have a nice day !!!


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Who Lee

How many times will you repeat yourself? I get that you have personal issues with Clark that are unresolved to your liking. How about contacting Day to see what can be done if everything that Clark does is so illegal? As you said about the unhappy deputy's, if you don't like the rules at the subdivision get the hell out of dodge! I don't hear of anyone else in that subdivision complaining!

Clark NEVER said that the sheriffs department doesn't help out the other departments. He said that he would like better communication with the other departments.

He NEVER said that only HE could apply for grants. Maybe he has more in store than what Day has done with the funds!

He NEVER said that the deputy's SAT on interstates all the time. He said that he wanted to focus more on the backroads and less on interstates. How many state police do you see on the backroads patrolling? This is a county responsibility!

And why would the deputys lack in performance because they dislike the running of the office? No one has to buy a scanner to listen to the calls. It's Rockbridge County! Talk to the right person and you'll hear about it before it happens (lol)

In some areas of the county, what good would it do to call dispatch when all of the deputys are backing one another up on the other end of the county. A call was made to the county last year for gunshots fired at a party. Guess what? NO ONE responded! I have personally talked to a dispatcher and there are plenty of complaints about timing so I'm not sure if you should say that they will be there in a "hurry". If all of the deputy's are in Glasgow, tell me how long it would take for them to get to Kerrs Creek? I think, this is an area that Clark also wants to work on for better protection and safety.



Re: Local Elections are Coming Up

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lady b and skinikins
this reply is to your posting on 10 -18
I have nothing personel against robbie at all have never said I do have not made any comments directed at him as a person.I have simply stated that his experience level concerns me . thats it nothing more.


Re: Local Elections are Coming Up

Postby dp1 » 2007 Oct 27 01:12

I have been pleased with the sheriffs dept the few times I needed their assistance, example
about seven years ago my wifes ex had made several threats against her and my self he was from out of state and was on his way here to up hold these threats I simply made one phone call to day himself gave him the information I had there were deputies riding by my residence on a 30 minute schedule until the problem was resolved not onlt that but he allerted out of state police and this person was arrested in Ga. long befor he got to Va.to carry out his threats.not only was he arrested we knew about it before this persons own family did.and to have a department that can do that for my family Im pleased with the job that is being done.
one other example i had a domestic dispute going on at a rental property that i own pick up the phone deputies there in a matter of minutes they did there job and done it very well.
another,recently had a break in on some property they were there in a matter of minutes the deputy did a remarkable job in the way he handled the investigation.
with these 3 times I have needed the dept I was pleased with there actions .for the department to function this well it has to be a joint effort from the top to the bottom .
as for fire and rescue I have been involved on that end also I HAVE BEEN ON MANY wreck call deputies were there in a timely manner would handle things until state police arrived.have been on calls when Mr. clark responded he done a good job

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Local Elections - SOON !

Postby Amy Probenski » 2007 Nov 02 22:45

Ed Smith of the News-Gazette, on 31 October 2007 wrote:Big Election Day Next Week

Supervisors, Sheriff, State Senator, Glasgow Mayor All On Ballot

Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters go to the polls to elect a variety of local officials as well as all 140 members of the Virginia General Assembly.

All five members of the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors are on the ballot in the final election before staggered terms are implemented.

The winners in the Kerrs Creek and Walkers Creek supervisor races will serve terms of two years. The other three prevailing supervisors will serve the customary four years.

For profiles of legislative candidates, unopposed constitutional officers, see pages XX-XX.

Kerrs Creek Supervisor Harvey Hotinger is being challenged by Russell F. "Rusty" Ford while the Walkers Creek race features incumbent K.L. "Monty" Fix and two opponents, A.W. "Buster" Lewis and Frank "Pat" Patterson.

In the Natural Bridge District, Supervisor Maynard Reynolds faces a challenge from Hunt Riegel. In Buffalo Creek, incumbent Mack Smith is opposed by W.B. "Doc" Wilmore. South River Supervisor Carroll Comstock is unopposed.

Glasgow is holding town elections in the fall for the first time. Mayor Sam Blackburn is being challenged by Sarah Funkhouser, who is currently a member of Town Council. There are three candidates for three Town Council seats, Barbara Early and incumbents Roger Bradley and Ruby Clark.

Five local constitutional offices are on the ballot. All five incumbents are seeking reelection, with only one having opposition. Sheriff R.W. "Bob" Day, who serves the county and Lexington, is being challenged by Robert E. Clark. Unopposed in their bids for reelection are Rockbridge County and Lexington Commonwealth's Attorney Robert N. "Bucky" Joyce Jr., Rockbridge Circuit Court Clerk Bruce Patterson, county Commissioner of Revenue David Whitesell and county Treasurer Carol Hines.

Patterson, whose new term will be for eight years, serves the county and Lexington. The terms for the other four constitutional officers will be for four years.

Three of the county School Board seats are up for election. Natural Bridge School Board member David Hinty is being challenged by Brian Torrence. The other two School Board races are uncontested. Walkers Creek incumbent Laurie Macrae is unopposed, as is Buffalo Creek candidate Laura Hoofnagle.

There is an election for all six seats on the Natural Bridge Soil and Water Conservation Board. Voters in the county, Lexington and Buena Vista will each elect two members. The candidates who will be listed on the ballot are (in the county) J.R. "Jay" Gilliam, Carl "Pickle" Newcomer and Reid Swisher; (in Buena Vista) James A. Carter and Donald Drake; and (in Lexington) Robert Simons.

Two of the Rockbridge area's three representatives in the General Assembly are unopposed in their bids for reelection. Without opposition are 25th District state Sen. Creigh Deeds, a Democrat whose district includes Buena Vista and part of Rockbridge County, and 24th District Del. Ben Cline, a Republican whose district includes all of Buena Vista, Lexington and Rockbridge County.

Republican state Sen. Emmett Hanger, who represents the 24th District, is being challenged by Democrat David Cox and Libertarian Arin Sime. The 24th District includes Lexington and, in the county, all of the Goshen, Meadow View, Rockbridge Baths, Rockbridge and Vo Tech precincts, most of the Highland Belle precinct and a small part of the Collierstown precinct.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters are reminded to bring identification with them. The only change in voting location is that the Maury River precinct poll has been moved from the Glasgow firehouse to the new library.


Re: Local Elections are Coming Up

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I am definitely not voting for Hanger, but wondered if anyone had any opinions on David Cox? From what I have read he seems to be ok.


Re: Local Elections are Coming Up

Postby harleygrl35 » 2007 Nov 05 08:01

I know David Cox on a personal level and he is a wonderful man. As for his political views, to be honest I'm really not sure where he stands. But as I said, he is a fantastic guy!


Re: Local Elections are Coming Up

Postby resigned » 2007 Nov 05 08:34

I went on line and read alot of blogs and postings on him and really like what he says. He sounds good for me. Just wonder if there will be enough votes to get Hanger out. I don't feel he is for the average person. He voted to raise taxes for one. But if I remember under him we had the biggest tax increase in the recent history of the State. And I feel there is no fiscal responsibility in Richmond and he should have not voted for the tax increase until all spending was looked at and what could be cut out before increasing taxes. We campaigned for Scott Sayer during the primarys and afterwards, Hanger referred to us all as radicals and he was going to purge us from the Republican party. So as far and my husband and I are concerned we are purged and are going to vote for Cox. He sounds good. He made the statement on the primary night and I may not have the exact phrase but we were all astonded he said it. I don't feel Hanger has any concern for the taxpayers in his district with the misuse of the gas tax funds used for general budget expenditures with the deplorable state of the highways and roads in the state and nothing is being done in Richmond to correct the situation and its exasperating as a taxpayer when we visit relatives in the Tidewater area or DC metropolitian area - traffic is horrible.

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Rockbridge Election Results

Postby Wise One » 2007 Nov 06 23:32

Here's the best site for Rockbridge Election Results I've found.
Here are the preliminary winners, with some encouraging surprises:

Board of Supervisors
Buffalo: Mack R. Smith, Democrat. (defeated W. B. "Doc" Wilmore)
Kerrs Creek: Russell S. Ford, Independent. (defeated Harvey L. Hotinger)
Natural Bridge: R. Hunt Riegel, Independent. (defeated Maynard Reynolds)
South River: Carroll R. Comstock, Independent (unopposed)
Walker's Creek: A. W. "Buster" Lewis, Jr., Independent. (defeated K. L. "Monty" Fix and W. Frank "Pat" Patterson)
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Re: Local Elections

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Hey, I found this nice piece
Ed Smith in the News-Gazette on Nov 7 wrote:Three Incumbent Supervisors Ousted
There will undoubtedly be a change in direction for the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors beginning in January, as three of five incumbents were ousted from office in Tuesday's elections.

Challengers Hunt Riegel, Rusty Ford and A.W. "Buster" Lewis were all victorious over incumbent supervisors. In January, the trio will take office on the Board alongside Mack Smith, who successfully fought off a challenge, and Carroll Comstock, who was reelected without opposition.

Riegel collected 438 votes, or nearly 53 percent, to unseat long-time Natural Bridge Supervisor Maynard Reynolds, who's served on the Board since 1973.

In a rematch of Kerrs Creek District candidates who faced off four years ago, Ford got 812 votes, or approximately 66 percent, to take the seat away from Harvey Hotinger, who had 424 votes (34 percent).

In a three-way race in the Walkers Creek District, Lewis was the choice of 602 voters (45 percent) to W. Frank "Pat" Patterson's 561 (42 percent) and incumbent K.L. "Monty" Fix's 176 (13 percent).

In the Buffalo Creek District, Smith had 605 votes (53 percent) to beat back a challenge from W.B. "Doc" Wilmore, who had 533 votes.

Sheriff R.W. "Bob" Day was easily reelected to a fifth four-year term, garnering 61 percent of the vote in defeating challenger Robert E. Clark. Day, the second longest serving sheriff of Rockbridge County and Lexington, was first elected in 1991.

Mayor Sam Blackburn survived a challenge from Sarah Funkhouser, winning 156-107. In the Glasgow Town Council elections, Barbara Early joined incumbents Roger Bradley and Ruby Clark in winning new terms without opposition.

David W. Hinty Jr. held onto his Natural Bridge District School Board seat by gaining 453 votes (60 percent) to challenger Brian D. Torrence's 309. In other county School Board elections, Walkers Creek District incumbent Laurie Macrae and Buffalo Creek candidate Laura C. Hoofnagle didn't have opposition. Hoofnagle is to replace Bob Gilbert, who didn't seek reelection.

State Sen. Emmett Hanger of the 24th District coasted to another term by besting David Cox and Arin Sime. Republican Hanger, a veteran of 16 years in the General Assembly, including 10 in the Senate, was ahead of Democrat Cox by more than a 2-to-1 margin, with 80 percent of precincts reporting. Libertarian Sime appeared to be heading to a single-digit percentage finish. Cox did win his hometown of Lexington with nearly 62 percent of the vote.

In other area General Assembly races, Democratic Sen. Creigh Deeds of the 25th District and Republican Del. Ben Cline of the 24th District were returned to office without opposition. In Lexington, there were 46 write-in votes cast against Cline.

Elected to new terms on the Natural Bridge Soil and Water Conservation Board were J.R. "Jay" Gilliam and Reid Swisher in the county, Robert L. Simons Jr. and Peter Barlow in Lexington and James A. Carter and Donald Drake in Buena Vista. The county vote totals were Gilliam, 2,741; Swisher, 2,445; and challenger Carl "Pickle" Newcomer, 1,210. Barlow claimed the second Lexington seat as a write-in candidate.

Constitutional officers in the county reelected without opposition were Commissioner of the Revenue David Whitesell, Treasurer Carol Hines, Clerk of the Circuit Court Bruce Patterson and Commonwealth's Attorney Robert N. "Bucky" Joyce Jr. Patterson and Joyce also represent the city of Lexington.

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Local Elections

Postby Wise One » 2007 Nov 08 21:41

An amazing thing may be happening. After nearly a decade of descending deeper and deeper into incompetence, ideological rantings, assault on our most cherished traditions ... are we emerging finally into the light of day?

We just swept out a coop full of turkeys from our County Board of Supervisors, the electorate seemingly realizing at long last that competence and good will is a lot better for us all than endless rantings over lack of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Rockbridge County, stubborn refusal to plan, etc. We have real problems and, finally, finally, we've elected some folks who at least intend to do something about it. Sure, they may fail, but the old boys seemed mostly against even trying.

Let's hope the trend continues to the national level, and we can sweep away for good the biggest collection ever of incompetent, anti-Constitution, pro-torture, big spending, lying Republican creeps. It's going to take about 20 years to repair the damage they have caused. The first bills for Bush/Republican incompetence are just starting to arrive in the form of a drastically sinking dollar, oil prices surging to new highs, real estate and credit market crashes, sinking stock market, flight from US securities, etc. ad nauseum -- and many more bills are on their way. Get out your wallet.

Wacko Dittoheads & Fox Noise had a big laugh on us all, lining their pockets with our cash all the while. Now we'll all pay, again, for about 20 years as we dig ourselves out of the hole they made, for being dumb enough to vote with them.
"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like Donald Trump."