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Rockbridge Forum • Message 2 Washington & Lee Trustees
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Message 2 Washington & Lee Trustees

Posted: 2013 Jan 30 17:39
by cgwjr1@gmail.com
Letter to Washington & Lee Trustees:

Dear Washington & Lee University Trustee:

We understand Washington & Lee University is considering forcing its upperclassman to live on campus. We hope you please do not make this decision lightly… A bad decision will have many long-term even permanent and unfortunately major negative effects.

My wife and I currently have eight W&L upper classman and a law student as neighbors. Each of them are pleasures to be around. For over 40 years, I have enjoyed having great relationships (and to be completely honest… many beers along the river…) with generations of W&L students.

My personal family history with W&L runs deep. My Grandfather, my step-Grandfather and Great-Uncle were all W&L graduates. My Great-Grandfather’s store was on the corner in front of General Lee’s house. He was also president of Washington and Lee’s bank.

My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather died in the Civil War fighting with General Robert E. Lee. As a child, my grandmother even sold flowers to General Lee’s daughter. I am proud of these parts of my family history.

Heritage and traditions have always been a basic foundation of Washington & Lee University. Its conservative nature has served W&L graduates well over the past many years. W&L’s student based honor system is the very best classic example.

Forcing upper classman to live on campus is a drastic and a very dominating move with extreme corrosive consequences to the student life experience, the Lexington area and the local business community.

The action of forcing students to live on campus could even be seen as a slap to the face of the freedoms of W&L students to include their rights to make individual decisions. It would be an extreme change to the core philosophy of Washington & Lee University.

President George Washington and General Robert E. Lee sent men (including my Great-Great-Great Grandfather) to their deaths to fight for freedom… The rights of liberty… And the God given free enterprise system in which America was founded. They fought control…

The simple, basic and easily understood Economic Principle of the Law of Supply and Demand requires:

 If Washington and Lee were to build more Upper classman / On-campus living space, the increased supply of housing would cause increased vacancies in private off campus housing which will cause values of homes in Rockbridge County to decline.

 The decrease in property values in turn would cause Rockbridge County / Lexington City tax revenues to decrease. Decreased spending by students will cause a decline in local sales tax receipts and declining resources available to provide governmental services including area education/schools.

 Students, forced to live on campus will not spend money with local small businesses that provide and create much needed jobs for the local community.

 Many “marginal’ businesses that are dependent on students would close their doors which in turn would cause an increase in the local unemployment / decreased wage rates.

Students, being forced to live on campus, will not have the opportunities to learn basic life lessons such as how to sign/negotiate a lease contract; how to have the power and water turned on; DirecTV/internet/cable hooked up; pay bills, nor the simple but very important task of fixing their own meals. Students would be denied the experiences of having non-student neighbors (and all that entails).

Students would be denied the opportunity to gain experiences in ‘get-along’ with roommates which will perhaps also serve them well in their future married lives…

We urge you, as guardians / stewards of the great heritage of Washington & Lee University, to commission a fair and independent study (with a scientific poll) of the current W & L students and all its esteemed alumni.

A survey would allow important voices to be heard. This would let you see their feelings, and get their input prior to you making this very important decision of forcing upper classman at Washington & Lee University to live on campus that would have many negative, permanent consequences in multiple ways affecting the core of the Washington & Lee traditions in which we feel most certain you are very proud…


Charles G. Willard, Jr.

I agree...

Posted: 2013 Jan 30 21:12
by Crux
Except for those glazed eye bin drinking types who're too quick to cite the Honor Code when they're accused of acting out.

I would like it if they would live on campus if they can't be good citizens. Sure, though, I wonder what the need really is???

Thanks for posting. Forcing students, beyond the freshman and sophomores to live on campus is silly. Leave it be, RIGHT?

Think on just how short the limo rides would be THEN. :joker: Sorry. I am in a mood. I am for maximum liberty no doubt...

Re: Message 2 Washington & Lee Trustees

Posted: 2013 Jan 31 08:22
by cgwjr1@gmail.com
I honestly admitted to sharing many beverages with generation of W&L students...

I fear if W&L forces juniors on campus that the off campus places available to party :beer: would be cut in half. The parties, when they inivitably happen, will balloon (double) in size. With less room to "crash" :sleepy: , more student will attempt to return by driving drunk to there on-campus housing. This puts all other drivers on the road at risk.... With DWI's now :police: ... they put people under the jail :bricks: and make them "blow" to start their car...

Thanks for the reply.


Re: Message 2 Washington & Lee Trustees

Posted: 2013 Jan 31 11:38
by Juggler
Driving is dangerous. It makes me really nervous.
So I always throw down a few glasses before driving.
I find that, like magic, a lot of my nervousness melts away.