The Demise of the Stonewall Jackson LPN School


The Demise of the Stonewall Jackson LPN School

Postby TheVirginian » 2009 Feb 21 05:24

You know I have come to believe the worst and most egregious flaws in the Lexington, Rockbridge, Buena Vista area were the incestuous relationships between the judiciary, law enforcement and the advocates.... together they rival the self perpetuating economy of Southside Richmond that Tom Robbins so aptly described in "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues..." and they also, given the recent Rodney King Style Drubbing of innocent Cadets, thereforeafter punished without a presumption of innocence, then found innocent, as they prepare to go forth and risk their life for the American way that ensures that self same presumption of innocence.... but that is another rant for another post. Face it, the combined judicial and law enforcement system of the triad there is best thought of as Deliverance with a Badge while listening to Dueling Banjos...... and I thought that was the worst of it.... illiterate, barely educated, high school educated bubbas running around with the imprimatur to use lethal force and the impunity of sovereign immunity to hide behind when their NASCAR fantasies didn't quite pan out and they damn near killed a young woman and demolished a house..... I'll get back to them. In fact there is a novel dedicated to the bubbas of Rockbridge,Lexington and BV law enforcement and the judges that spend more time on the crapper than in deciding to send a man off to jail..... occupancy... it's what drives the need for the new regional detention center which ups the salaries of those that cater to it and the boss hog of them all the Sheriff..... we'll get back to you all.....

But this post is about the converse of increasing occupancy in the generation of fees and fines and court costs.... it is about reducing the occupancy of students that dedicate themselves to the cause of health care for an ever aging population when they successfully complete the LPN Nursing School Program that has been in operation at Stonewall Jackson Hospital since the 60's....

True, no lawyers made money off of their labors, no jailers could justify a larger jail, no fines and fees were levied from their efforts but how many lives were saved by these nurses that passed thru that program? How many people's suffering were eased by the ministrations of LPNs who graduated from that program? Indeed, though I am reluctant, I must even suggest there may be firefighters and even COPs that can't drive and have the impunity to be able to crash into the dwellings of ordinary citizens and be cared for by LPNs that have been educated at the program that has -in it's 45th year - become the victim of two classes of bureaucrats..... one class, would certainly by aligned with T.S. Elliot's conceptualizations in "The Hollow Men", superintendents and vocational overseers near retirement and with nothing on the line that precludes their timely retirement that had neither the courage or the backbone to stand up against the other antagonist in this story - Buena Vista's Old Maid Spinster who, unmarried, unloved and unable to even conceptualize a balanced budget according to the recent dressing down at the BV City Counsel has traipsed around in numerous liasons that make the Junior Senator from Illinois recent revelations look like a mere Faux Pax..... Yes I am talking about DR. What's Her Name who prances and preens around BV under the pretense of being a sound manager of educational resources yet set her sights on several very questionable liaisons from the outset that bring into question her objectivity in regard to her precipitous and sandbagging actions that have resulted in closing the doors of the SJH LPN Program at the end of this year.

First, let's be up front about it, like anyone with a subprime mortgage she failed to meet her inherited obligations as a partner with Lexington and Rockbridge County in funding the program. She groused about it for over a year now and never ponied up the BV share of the money.... (the doubled tax on personal property and the 6 shiny new police cars are a nice touch BV by the way....)

Second, over the summer, the BV mascot was changed on the gym floor and in the literature to cater to a religious element that found a flintlock objectionable without any community hearing to gain input from the families that have lived here for generations..... and then when the Roanoke Paper ranted the mascot was changed back..... the costs of those changes alone would have covered the BV share of funding the nursing school.....

But you have to clearly read "The Art of War" to understand the Machinations and lengths this supervisor has gone to in subterfuge to destroy a program that has reached it's 45th anniversary...... she is appointed to a Carilion Hospital Board that has sway over this decision..... a clear conflict of interest...... she has been unilaterally working deals with Dabney S Lancaster's RN program without the input or feedback from the partners in either the Lexington or Rockbridge school systems....

Indeed, when the new CEO came in, there was saber rattling to renegotiate a contract that was in force and would be for some time to come merely because a new CEO came in.....

In some ways this was like my experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom..... who in the hell can you trust to watch your back when there are so many different agendas in play.

Stay tuned for (1) My Letter to President Obama regarding the town that beats Keydets and denies GED holders a chace to get a new start as a nurse.....

(2) Press Release: "TheVirginian stands up a blog site discussing recent police brutality in Lexington to the Rodney King Beatings and how it relates to the loss of community in the region epitomized by the closing of the Stonewall Jackson School of Nursing.

(3) Press Release: "TheVirginian blog site says don't be too hard on executives of large corporations, consider the Rockbridge Virginia area School Administrators, perhaps the fiscal mismanagement corporate executives exhibit today they learned from educators who can't run something as simple as a small town school budget.....

(4) For Immediate Release: TheVirginian Blog Site urges students and parents to think carefully before considering a college in the Lexington Virginia area, the closure of the nursing school means there will be less assurance of health care when the police beat your son at VMI without provocation or run their squad car thru your shower (with you in it) ...... think carefully about the ripple effects of closing that Nursing School and how the fabric of this community has gone from humanistic to mercenary..... consider the rousting of even pedestrians who are of legal age and walk out of a bar having consumed just one drink....

(5)Think about Horsing Around: Consider Venues other than Lexington, Virginia..... although the Virginia Horse Center is a great venue (though I am not sure it ever broke even) rumors are that the police in the downtown area are making it a habit to roust horse enthusiasts and tourists in general on the flimsiest of pretexts..... with the closure of the Stonewall Jackson School of Nursing there will be fewer nurses to tend to you if your are beaten by the high school educated badge toting vigilantes with badges like the VMI keydets recently exonerated or if you are run over by the same undereducated revenue producers the way a poor girl was in the shower .... and remember, not only will there be fewer nurses..... these bubbas claim sovereign immunity to protect their dasterdly deeds.... Before you take your filly and your Princess to Lexington, consider the consequences of fewer nurses and more trigger happy, baton happy NASCAR wannabes who are making up revenue shortfalls thru more and more picayune tickets for even the slightest infraction.

Forget about Guantanamo America, civil rights are being abused every day right here in central Virginia and there will be far fewer nurses now to help you with your wounds.....

But the new fleet of shiny squad cars all look really spiffy!

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Re: The Demise of the Stonewall Jackson LPN School

Postby fangz1956 » 2009 Feb 21 07:36

WOW!! What an excellent and insightful post. It serves to lend credence to the view of that area that is held by your neighbors to the south. Looks like we weren't off the mark at all.

What has really happened there? When I reviewed the list of candidates for Lexington City Council last fall, I was shocked to find only one native of the area on that list. The rest were transplants.......people who, in my opinion, have no real or true vested interest in the health and welfare of the area. (We have a similar problem here with Roanoke's City Manager....what a goofy loon she is). What happened to the locals? Did they all move away? Do they not care? Do they lack the funds and social backing to compete in a local government race? It can't be that you're a college town.....Salem is a college town, too. We have problems but not of the magnitude of those discussed in your post. I really can't say much bad about law enforcement here.....we do have one or two wingnuts just like most places. But the level of service...yes, SERVICE......can't be beat. But, I digress.

I wish to take some time to digest all of this information and I'll be back with questions......if you don't mind answering. In the meantime, I'll make sure I pack my trusty first-aid kit the next time I pass through your area.

One after-thought: I am well aware of the history of corruption in Buena Vista. The son of the former "boss" represents this area in Richmond........much to my dismay.

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Re: The Demise of the Stonewall Jackson LPN School

Postby 10thFO » 2009 Feb 23 07:43

Virginian? wasn't that the name of a Western that used to be on TV? Anyways, I digress, which your run on sentence did as well. But I digress. I enjoyed your writing style if not a little to pontificated. Look forward to more. Let us know when the Blog is up. Can't wait to see this exposure. Might as well go ahead and look into how a small town council, cough, (Glasgow) as it's last act of authority, took away the Management rights of the Town Manager, of an employee who is under investigation for stealing from the town. In it's infinite wisdom they felt that for 3 months he should fall under the Mayor. I guess they wanted to assure the young man, notorious around town for a few things, none of them being good, of being employed through the first quarter of the year.

Looking forward to more postings.