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Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 20 13:24
by fangz1956
This is for all you Obama-maniacs out there. This is interesting to listen to and put lil' ole Roanoke on the international map........courtesy of The Guardian: ... arackobama


And you know.....this guy is right. I took a trip south of here yesterday to the far reaches of Smyth County. I saw far more signage in support of McCain and the Republicans than I did for the Obama and the Democrats. It was thought provoking to see this kind of Republican support in an area where jobs of any kind are scarcer than hen's teeth and a lot of the little towns are virtually ghost towns. This area is also a a strong supporter of Rick Boucher (the Fightin' 9th), a Democratic Congressman. Makes me wonder what these people are thinking..........

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 20 14:25
by Uji
This wonderful essay was posted by WiseOne a few weeks ago. It's the best explanation I've come across for the rural McCain vote. ... index.html

Thing about the Obama signs, is that locals are stealing them. (I've lost two in the last week.) The folks at the Obama/VA campaign say it started the day after Palin started on the Obama/Ayers thing -- suddenly all the Obama signs disappeared.

Anyway, to keep my 3rd one from being stolen I've considered two options: (1) put a note on it saying that for every stolen sigh I'll give an extra $100 to Obama, or (2) wire my Obama sign up to my electric fence charger. Problem with the latter is I'm likely to find one of my neighbors lying dead of a heart-attack next to the sign some morning. Seems a little extreme :violent5: . On the other hand, I can't really afford to pay $100 bucks for each sign stolen.

This sounds like a problem CoonDog could resolve. Whadaya think, Dog?

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 20 19:36
by Coondog
I saw on the TV that this Sign pilferage problem is widespread. Some woman somewhere had the same problem and she set up a camera and caught some skank in a suburban crossover just a pickin' them up and driving off with them. Got the subversive, anti-american hooligan red handed on film....but she still got away with the sign, I suppose.

I would suggest forming an alliance with some of my Doberman buddies. They'll work for kibbles and the pure fun of gnawing on the legs of those who would repress free speech by purloining your signage. You can spot those vandals on election day limping to the voting booth. Then, while they're in there, take the valve stems out of their tires. They think air pressure is some sort of liberal plot, anyway.

Coondog :usa2:

If you haven't got a Doberman a Rottweiler will do....if you haven't got a Rottweiler then God bless you!

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 21 09:35
by Uji
I like your solution dog. Guess I could go to the pound and find the meanest dog they've got and just tie him to the sign... If they're just throwing them in their SUVs, maybe I could coat the sign with some sort of mean smelling stuff...

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 21 10:00
by Wise One
I have a sign problem, frustrating. I gave a cupla hundred bux to the Obama campaign via the internet, and I'm kinda PO'd over the following:

  • The usual confirmation screen "not final until you click to verify" was absent, money being snarfed up immediately
  • No acknowledgment or thanks via return email
  • (I know what you're thinking, I checked, and it's the real Obama site, not a phish scam)
  • I really want to display Obama signs/bumper stickers ... a call to HQ met only bureaucracy & rejection ... they will not give them to me. The best they can come up with is, maybe I could purchase them online somewhere!
But McCain paraphernalia is everywhere, and they keep thrusting it upon me. So I took two bumper stickers and combined portions of them to produce:

My New Bumper Sticker
PA218352w.jpg (17.98 KiB) Viewed 2317 times

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 21 13:14
by Uji
Closed Obama shop to me is Lexington. There storefront on Main -- across the street from the largest Mccain sign I've ever seen! -- has lots of stickers, signs, and tired Yankee coeds.

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 21 16:45
by Coondog
Uji: People with no scruples.....the one's who really hate America because people like us are in it........will likely steal your guard dog along with your sign. But, it will make them easier to spot as the limp is more pronounced when they have a 150 pound canine or two still clinging to their ankles.

WO: East side of Main Street next to the cemetery. All the left wing propaganda you need to publicly express your liberal tendencies. Thats where I got mine!

Coondog :usa2:

........or, paint the sign on the guard dog.......

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Oct 22 21:52
by Uji
coondog wrote:........or, paint the sign on the guard dog.......

Now you're talking!

Even Republicans are Leaving their Sinking Ship

Posted: 2008 Oct 23 12:20
by Amy Probenski
Everybody is aware of Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama for President.

Today a prominent Barry Goldwater descendant announced support for Obama, finding McCain/Palin offensive to decency.


The Values of Small Town America

Posted: 2008 Oct 23 15:50
by Juggler
Thanks for that, Amy.

And since some of us put stock in "The Values of Small Town America" because "they grow good people there", I bet this will tickle you.

Opie, Andy, Richie and The Fonz speak out.


Virginia Counts This Time as Never Before

Posted: 2008 Nov 02 18:27
by Wise One

:usa2: Virginia Counts This Time as Never Before :usa2:

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 05 13:50
by Wise One
Wow. What a ride this has been. With the election of Obama as president, we have turned the corner and have a better chance of getting out of the very long, very dark, and horribly dangerous alley that Bush Republicans took us down.

One hopes that we can all, regardless of party and regardeless of past errors, now undertake the long overdue task of fixing the problems that confront the country and rejoining the world that the United States was formerly a responsible and respected member of.

It will take a very long time to repair the mess that the prior administration got us into, but it can be done and it is SO nice to know we've installed people who have a clue. What are your nominations for the most important problems that need to be addressed, and when?

Here are mine:
- In week 1, close Guantanamo prison for good, and release or schedule trials for all who are imprisoned there
- In month 1, complete a plan for responsible shut-down of the Iraq war.
- In year 1, complete the shut-down of the Iraq war.
- In year 1, enact a tax floor that keeps gasoline at a minimum price of $4 gallon from now on, using the proceeds for developing alternatives to the car
- By year 2, enact a national sales tax with no exemptions for any persons or organizations, for any reason, to replace income and corporate taxes.

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 05 14:57
by fangz1956
I'll agree with you on the first three. The first year also needs to see the solid groundwork for the overhaul of the healthcare system. Medicare is a total nightmare and completely inefficient as a whole. Our elderly folks shouldn't have to struggle just to barely survive. In my opinion, that outranks the issue of a floor tax on gasoline and developing alternatives to the car.

Next would come taxes. I agree that the system as we know it is a complete and utter failure. Flat tax, national sales tax.....whatever works best and is the fairest plan for all citizens. (While we are here, tax exempt status for religious institutions has got to go......period.) I would be one happy camper if this could come about by year 2.

That's a lot to accomplish or even attempt to accomplish in the first two years.


Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 05 15:45
by Coondog
Well.....Obama says he has a plan! I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Priorities seem to change every day. Long term goals like the economy and extricating ourselves from Iraq seem foremost on any responsible agenda.

But, here's a thought. With the Russians "rearing their heads" over the ill advised defensive missile system we plan to stick on their doorstep, I'd like to see Obama weasel out of that deal. I see that the Poles have recently, foolishly, signed on. I wonder how we'd feel if the Russians decided to put some in, say, Cuba. Frankly, I don't see how intimidating the Russians militarily serves our security interests.

The rest of the socialist agenda needs to be put on the back burner.

Coondog :thum:

Just kidding about that socialism thing

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 05 17:25
by 10thFO
Let me guess Wise One, (snicker) you must live in town and walk to work. Why should I subsidize future development. If an alternative fuel is a good idea, don't worry, someone will market it, and they will be rich and greedy just like the oil companies you despise. Nice to see that you support higher food prices and everyday prices, based upon your foolish fuel price.

As for the war in Iraq. Don't know if you noticed, but it garnered 10% last night as what was important. Once again, Obama and others can say they care for the welfare of the trooops, but the only people "truly" affected by this war are those in it, and with family members in it. The rest of you don't give a shit. So how about you get off of that high horse.

If it were so important, then why didn't I hear Obama talking about it in the last 5 months. Point taken move on now.

Obama won the election, and he didn't win it spouting off ideas like yours. So how about you just keep it in check for a little while.

As for Iraq? Yeah Obama won't say crap on that, he knows that he doesn't know a damn thing about military of foreign policy. That's why he was backpeddaling last night during his acceptance speech, talking about it might take more than one term.

Sure it will Obama. If you can't get it done now with the majority in both houses???? You never will, and you will just be a shill than got elected by lying to the public, just like the last midterm senators did, like Jim Webb.

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 06 11:41
by Coondog
If I didn't know better, I swear I detected some bitterness there.

This is the greater challenge. Accomplishing anything of a positive nature with so much animosity and negativism still permeating the air. Even with majority control of both houses, there is no open door for any legislative initiative. For example, democrats failed to enact an energy plan in August for the very reason that there were enough republicans to block it. Partisan politics is alive and well and likely to remain so, particularly with so much resentment being vented.

Obama gets his first super secret national security briefing today. If he gets an earful of intelligence info and fails to slip into a catatonic state of disbelief, then we'll probably be OK on that account. Remember, he has something we're not used to in a president...........brains!

I'm not going to start second guessing somebody who's that much smarter than I am......yet. But, as I'm sure you will, I'll be keeping a critical eye on things.

First, we need to settle this question of a puppy. I support Obama's SPCA preference. Then, I might just have a relative in the White House, too. How cool is that?

Coondog :usa2:

Thanks for the puppy, Mr. Vic!

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 07 13:53
by fangz1956
Here are some interesting op-ed pieces from this week's editions of th Roanoke Times. Every once in a while, the RT rag amazes me with something worth reading and some food for thought. These items cover the environment, health-care (of the mental/chemical dependence variety), and the tax-exempt status of a particular local "religious-but-not" facility.

Surely there is something amongst these that Wise One can sink his choppers into>



Posted: 2008 Nov 08 10:13
by Juggler
OMG. Beckonwood, 10thFO, Alwaysbusy, Truckie, were right. I didn't realize all this was about to happen:


:wink: And I voted for him ... what have I done ?!?! :wink:


Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 09 09:20
by Uji
Why this nasty tone, 10th? If we can't discuss these things reasonably, what's the point? And in order to discuss them, you've at least got to take another's opinion at face value. I don't imagine you -- or any of us -- are in any position to make judgements about another's motivation.
Why should I subsidize future development.
You might as well ask -- why invest my money when I can stick it under the mattess. And the answer is the same: We hope to put those dollars to work. We would subsidize for the same reason (and to the same end) that we subsidized the space program. You'd have a hard time making the case that that "impractical' objective (going to the moon) didn't pay off ten-fold in technological advances. And the subsidization of alternative-fuel research is eminantly more practical on the face of it.

Once again, Obama and others can say they care for the welfare of the trooops, but the only people "truly" affected by this war are those in it, and with family members in it. The rest of you don't give a goop. So how about you get off of that high horse.
This is simply insulting. You are in no better position then any of us to judge another's motivation. That's not opinion, that's fact. You don't have the faintest idea what motivates WiseOne and have no business assuming anything about it. If you want to dispute his ideas, have the courage to do so instead of attacking him. This is beneath you, from whom I've learned a lot on these posts.

Obama won the election, and he didn't win it spouting off ideas like yours. So how about you just keep it in check for a little while.
If we forbid the "spouting off [of] ideas", I'd gladly drink the koolaid. Until then, ideas are fine by me -- whether spouted or dribbled. It's irrational belligerence that I think we need worry more about.

If there'd been much gloating on this board, I'd understand your nasty tone, but I've not seen any. If you don't want to talk about the issues, fine; but you've no business questioning the motivations or sincerity of those with different opinions. Have the courage of your convictions and argue issues.

Re: Who would you rather?

Posted: 2008 Nov 09 13:59
by fangz1956
Your personal experiences may differ, but the fear, panic, bitterness, and animosity out there is highly palpable......much like the video posted by Juggler. But maybe it's worse when you see it coming from educated professional folk. My own colleagues have shocked my senses with comments and attitudes that are far from reasonable or logical. It's on both sides of the race fence.

A colleague showed me a text message she received that read: "At 7 am tomorrow, all whiteys must report to the cottonfields for orientation." Perhaps that could be seen as a kind of "blow-back" for all the years of inequality and strained race relations in this country. Shouldn't we, as a people, be farther along than this.....above this......better than this? All of this is BEFORE we get to the rumors and factless "information" already flying around. And, as I stated in an earlier thread, the worst of the comments are coming for those that didn't even bother to vote. Isn't the Evangelical, far-right, lunatic fringe just grand?

Even though I did not vote for the new President, I will hold back on my judgements until I see how the Cabinet stacks up and what happens after Inauguration Day. I think that is the least I can do until more information becomes available...fact-based information as opposed to rumor and innuendo. For me personally, that will be a huge task. The last 8 years of W and cronies has shattered my trust and trampled my hope and faith for us as a nation. The newly elected will have to earn that trust......I am reluctant to just automatically grant it. Trust is earned......not given.

As for the comment of none of us giving a flying fig about the troops.....that comment is so dead wrong. I still think there are many who see opposition to the war as a lack of support for the troops. I don't know that 10th realizes just what a tough line that is to speak out against the atrocities and madness of war and still be able to care about the men and women that choose to serve the country. I had the opportunity a few months back to chat with a fellow who works with the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. He is a 29 year Army veteran and has served two tours in Iraq. If he can understand positions like mine, I fail to see why 10th cannot or will not at least try to do the same. This fellow's comment to me was "Nobody hates war more than a soldier." Hmmmmm.........what an enlightening perspective. And 10th, I will suggest that you Google "War Is A Racket" and read it. It was written many years ago by a U.S. General. You might begin to understand why some of us take the anti-war stand we do after reading this piece. War is a waste.

There is a long road of healing ahead and loads of damage to be undone. I think the best any of us can do at this juncture is to maintain vigilance, hold on to hope, and keep ourselves informed with ALL of the facts as they become available. I think the American people may have learned a thing or two over the last 8 years.....and I think we are tired enough and fed-up enough that we will not stand for anymore shenanigans inside the Beltway. We found our voice and voted for Change. Change is never easy as it generally takes us out of our comfort zones.....but the pain of change is worth the gains that are possible by its coming.