Lexington, Buena Vista, Fairfield Area

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Re: Lexington, Buena Vista Area

Postby Wise One » 2008 Jan 22 21:56

To reply in a manner less flippant than my prior response, yes, it's a great place to live by nearly any reasonable standard. I could list pros and cons, but of course every individual would have his own list - and some items listed as pros by you might be cons to me, and vice-versa.

Suffice it to say that, on balance, it compares favorably with many places in the world where people happily live.
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Re: Lexington, Buena Vista Area

Postby 10thFO » 2008 Jan 26 11:26


Nice to meet you and thanks for looking for informative information through this site. I grew up in Glasgow, and my father grew up in BV. I now live in the county and have some properties in Buena Vista. I don't blame you for wanting to send your children to RCHS as the county typically has a better education system. It is a lot more rounded.

Health care is not that bad in Lexington, it's just that people around here like to have a small town mentality because a lot of people have never left or at least lived outside the confines of the county, city, and especially the state of VA.

I went to school out of state and served in the ARmy as well. Seeing different parts of the world brings a better perspective for sure. Excellent healthcare can be obtained in Roanoke or Augusta County, which both are less than 45 minutes away. Also the VA hospital in Salem VA is only 60 miles from Buena Vista, and while the support Staff there is generally apathetic, the Dr's and providers are sincere people who are almost like a regular small town doctor. Not like they are at a lot of the VA centers in Bigger centers.

As for the big shopping purchases, again Roanoke is only 40 minutes away for the Best Buy, Circuit City thing.

If you ave any questions about healthcare at the VA, and housing in BV, send me an email or a post here. I've got a couple houses I'd like to get rid of, but even if not, I still like helping other vets out, as I am a Veterans Advocate. I fight for our Vets.

Glad your moving to the area.



Re: Lexington, Buena Vista Area

Postby singinbunny » 2008 Feb 10 10:14

hello all!

i am new. my family and i will be moving to lexington in the summer. my husband will be teaching at vmi, so we are trying to get an idea of where to look for a home. we have two small children that will be in elementary school, so we would like to know which schools would be best. any information would be appreciated.

what we have found out about lexington, we are very excited to live there. it just seems like a nice change from where we currently live. from what we have seen on maps, the town seems very small, but it's very hard to get a good grasp on what to expect when we get there.

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Re: Lexington, Buena Vista Area

Postby pvfamily97 » 2008 Feb 11 08:58

I would like to thank all of you that have responded so nicely to my post. But things have changed for our family and we will not be moving to your area. Our son that was going to play football at SVU has turned down their offer and has taken a FULL RIDE offer from a TOP 5 football team in Indiana. I thank you for all your information and may future people find your information useful.

But with the cost of college, for sports players it almost becomes a business.......you have to take the best offer that is handed to you. So, for our son he will have his $80,000 education paid for in full. To the person who posted earlier about me putting sports as a priority.........do you see my point NOW! IF your child is great in school and SPORTS......it pays off. I am proud to say my oldest son will start off his adult life WITHOUT having to owe THOUSANDS of dollars in student loans.......why......SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP!!!!.

So, to all of you in Rockbridge County I wish you a wonderful ife in your beautiful part of our United States. We hope to visit you sometime now that we will be closer living in Indiana.



lexington questions

Postby singinbunny » 2008 Feb 16 12:40


we are going to be moving to lexington this summer. we are wondering if anyone could help us with information on where a good neighborhood is, and what the elementary schools are like. we have two kids and they both will be attending school so we are trying to get a good idea on where to look for a home. we would prefer to be within walking distance of the school but realize that might not be possible. i have been also trying to find out the crime rate for the town, but have been coming up short. if anyone could give us some insight, it would be most appreciated. we have seen all the things that we can do there, so we are good on that front, but for day to day life in the town, we can't find much.

thanks in advance!

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Moving to Lexington--Questions about Kroger and hospital

Postby athens05 » 2008 Mar 14 15:33


I will be moving to Lexington later this year. I have two rather mundane questions about the town:

Does the Kroger in Lexington sell their own brand of organic foods ("Kroger Organics" or "Naturally Preferred")? I know that the town has two organic markets, but I just want to get an idea of how large the selection of organic foods that I can purchase in town is. Also, are there any organic farmers selling their produce at the Lexington Farmers Market?

Also, I have heard remarks from residents about the quality of Lexington's doctors being very good but the hospital is kind of a joke. Can anyone elaborate on this observation?

Thanks for your input!

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Re: Moving to Lexington--Questions about Kroger and hospital

Postby Amy Probenski » 2008 Mar 15 10:56

I don't know the answer about Kroger's but will look the next time I shop there. All I can say now is that their food hasn't killed me -- yet.

Stonewall Jackson hospital does seem to have a checkered past. I get the impression it has been handed from one corporation to another, never managed very well, each corporation seeming to have a higher devotion to paying its CEO big bucks than the last one. I admit to no first hand knowledge about the quality of medical care and will count on others to tell us about that, since they will have more experience and knowledge.

I heard an old timer say he knew the hospital was in a death spiral years ago, the day he woke up to learn that a fantastic mural in the welcoming lobby painted by local artist Marion Junkin had been destroyed.

The hospital administration, fearing local opposition from people who loved that large and impressive work of art, demolished the Marion Junkin mural silently, quickly and completely so that no one would discover their cultural crime until it was too late to stop it.


Re: lexington questions

Postby ChuckVolpe » 2008 Mar 23 08:58

I hope your questions were answered - I am a realtor and it is illegal for me to answer those questions, however I can direct you to the places where you can get those answers about school scores, etc. If you are still having difficulty, please contact me at 540-463-4443. Good luck, Chuck Volpe

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Re: Moving to Lexington--Questions about Kroger and hospital

Postby ShenValleyFire » 2008 Mar 27 21:51

I would like to comment on Stonewall Jackson Hospital. When I moved here last year I heard the same thing. Nothing but bad things about how the hospital was ran. I guess it all depends on each department in the hospital as to how the service is.

Me and my wife had our son at Stonewall in December and the service was great, however a month later my oldest daughter was suffering from a severe ear infection and when we got there I told the lady that my daughter needed to be seen, the lady at the Triage Desk told us to have a seat and she would be right with us. After about 45 minutes I went back up to the desk and the lady told me that she had forgotten about us and thought that we were with someone else.

The Doctors and the care provided was good. That’s just my two cents.
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Re: Moving to Lexington--Questions about Kroger and hospital

Postby 10thFO » 2008 Mar 28 08:53

Kroger? I don't know I get all my organics from Wal-Mart, I figure since they hire the most illegals, they should have a better selection. Seriously I don't know which Organic Krogers carries, but I'll try to remember to look after Church on Sunday.

As for Stonewall. I really think it gets a bad rap. I believe that with it's past local reputation, that many will look for the smallest incidences to knock it another notch down. I know people have had problems, but I know more that haven't. The good news is, they seem to be ready to transport to Roanoke or Charlottesville in case of an emergency that they don't feel they can handle. To me that is worth something.

If one person has a bad experience, then I can understand their disdain, but I wonder what other hospitals reputations are in their hometown. I know Augusta Medical Center is thought by most here to have an outstanding reputation, and luckily it's only 25 minutes from Lexington at the most. I also know some things they have screwed up. I would just make sure you try and get a good family Dr. when you get here.


Re: Lexington, Buena Vista Area

Postby RubyRed » 2008 Apr 23 17:44

I think that any hospital is going to have some who love it and some who do not. A couple of years ago, Augusta Medical sent my 25 year old nephew home from it's ER while he was having a heart attack. He went in with chest pain. They did blood work and an EKG, gave him pain medication and told him if the pain got worse, to come back. At the time he lived in BV, but was working in the area. He continued to have pain the next day so my sister took him to UVA. Once in their ER, he rated his pain as low so he was told to wait. After a few hours of waiting, the pain got increasingly worse for him so my sister went back up to the triage nurse who was not very nice to her. She took one look at my nephew and went to get the MD who took him back immediately to have a stent put in to open up the blockage. Luckily my nephew is still alive.

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Lexington/Fairfield Living

Postby Robert » 2009 Nov 23 18:24

What is good and bad about living in the Lexington/Fairfield area? Just wondering :hmm:

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Re: Lexington/Fairfield Living

Postby lexingtonrick » 2009 Nov 26 16:06

Having to buy my brown liquor from the ABC store where it costs more then it should.

Those two jet fighters that buzz the town every so often .....makes me jump out of bed and hit the floor with my arms around my head while my wife sits there laughing at me .....hate when that happens.

Whatever explodes every other day at 5 P.M. Is that the quarry?

That dame helicopter from the hospital likes to fly over my house as well.

People wheezing and sniffling and coughing in the library makes me wrap one of those handy wipe thingies around my nose and mouth.

The Salvation Army guy at the Kroger's, he's unrelenting with that bell.

And while I'm on the subject of Kroger's............. old farts day on Tuesdays, especially old ladies with big pocketbooks digging around for the exact change or worse their checkbook! That's me in line tapping my foot looking aggravated.

And while I am on the subject of Kroger's ................. You take your life in your hands trying to navigate a loaded shopping cart back to your car! That's your choice when you park there......... up hill or down hill. That's me trying to keep control of the cart when it's got a couple of case's of wine in it.

The Goodwill, every time I make a donation they look annoyed .....when they finally get around to unlocking the donation door.

The Advocate: every time I find a half way decent restaurant the Advocate lets me know how many roaches the health inspector found and issue's related to improper temperature control. That's me buying frozen dinners at the Kroger's.

The empty K Mart .......... enough said.

The final thing I don't like is the people around here. They're smart and friendly and courteous and too darn likable ...... Makes my skin crawl.

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Re: Lexington/Fairfield Living

Postby Robert » 2009 Nov 28 13:27

:gun2: Ah yes -- Kroger. What else can be said? What about he ruben at the Southern Inn? Wallmart! Rural Living! Fall colors!