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Administrator's Welcome

Postby Stonewall » 2007 Oct 04 17:02

Welcome to folks interested in the news of Rockbridge County, Virginia and beyond. We welcome all thoughtful postings and want to make this place especially hospitable to current and former area residents. All are invited to discuss the news of the day and anything else that seems important.

  1. Be spirited but friendly, using logic and persuasion rather than insult and intimidation. Humor is a civilized tool and is encouraged, even when it is sometimes wry and sharp.
  2. Users have the option of identifying themselves or remaining anonymous, but in all cases responsible behavior is expected.
  3. The Administrator dislikes attacks or remarks of a personal nature on named persons (other than public figures who are fair game) and may either edit out such remarks or ban the user.
  4. Spirit and enthusiasm can veer into attacks which is OK if one is attacking ideas, principles, or alleged statements of fact. Discouraged are disparaging remarks aimed personally at people who post here (ad hominem attacks.)
  5. The Administrator/Editor will not change the substance of postings. He reserves the customary editorial prerogative of making minor changes to postings that will enhance Forum cosmetics and readability, and organizing them by subject matter. He will alter a posting significantly only in the rare instance that it violates decorum egregiously, a situation that occurred only twice among thousands of postings over 4 years.
  6. Spammers and "bots" occasionally try to sneak in to post trash. I've implemented security measures and will delete bad guys as I discover them but it sometimes takes awhile.
  7. The practice of using multiple user names is discouraged, lest postings mislead other users as to the popularity of a view. The administrator may blow the whistle on multiple user names that appear to originate from the same person.
  8. "For Sale" and "Wanted" postings, regrettably, are not for this Forum – please use other media. We can't do everything.
  9. You may render the postings of any Forum user invisible to yourself, and only to yourself, by following these blocking instructions:
    • Click the Manage Foes tab
    • Enter the exact user name(s) you want to block in the "Add new foes" box
    • Click "Submit"
  10. The Administrator's e-mail address is:
:smile3: Enjoy! :smile3:

The Administrator operates this as a free and open public forum on a part-time, noncommercial, volunteer basis. He assumes no obligation to review or control who registers here or what they post. He endorses no allegations or opinions posted by users here, and will assume no responsibility or liability for any injury caused by, or violation of law committed by, any user of this forum. Every posting is the sole responsibility of the party posting it, not the Administrator. The Rockbridge Forum, a member of the modern electronic Press, is not affiliated with any other publication and no inference to that effect may be drawn.
Thanks for your posts! Stonewall, your administrator ... just an "empty suit."