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Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 02 20:03
by Cannoneer
I think I just figured it out wise one. You don't like the second amendment so you ignore what it says and mke up your own idea of what you

think it should be. Not normal thinking. What kind of scientist is it that you claim to be with that kind of thinking?

You sound like an idiot as usual. Just like your first post on this subject, plain stupid.

I did not make an interpretation but you are so biased that you don't know the difference.

What I wrote was exactly what the amendment says in plain english. You can't change that no matter how hard you try.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 04 18:16
by Coondog
Ah, my children! We must remember that guns, besides being a sanctified right, are a hobby, and a fetish and a disease.

They fit perfectly into a society whose affinity for guns well exceeds their value for human lives....even the lives of children. :gun: :baby:

But, the society is already so saturated with guns, it is unlikely that restricting future sales of one type or another will
have a huge effect..........nobody is coming for our guns, yet.

Yet, regardless of motive, the one common element in mass shootings is guns. Remove that single factor from the equation
and there is no mass shooting. Duh!

We should be able to keep the right and the hobby while finding ways to remove the fetish and the disease.

The hysteria on the left :hair: and the deep abiding paranoia on the right :hiding2: needs to be tempered by reason and logic so real solutions to this epidemic can be addressed.

They say that admitting we have a problem is the first step. Whaddaya say, Droogies?

Problem #1


Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 05 09:06
by Cannoneer
Blaming the NRA for the shootings is like blaming the weather man for rain. The real blame goes to the shooters.
There are very many bad people with guns who would use them for various crimes. As long as that element is around many of us feel the need to have one to shoot back with if need be.
Having gun free schools only works until some nut brings guns to school.
Having armed guards on campus is a good idea but unless there is one in every classroom a shooter can murder a lot of children and teachers before help can arrrive.
Can anyone come up with a solution orr the problem that does not include training and arming some teachers?

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 05 18:13
by Coondog
The question is......can anyone come up with a way to stop shooters BEFORE they're already shooting up the place.

Blame is afforded to the NRA for erecting and maintaining barriers to such efforts through lobbying and payoffs to politicians
to suppress even the gathering of data concerning gun violence.

A mad shooter without a gun is merely a pedestrian. A gun without a mad shooter is benign .... just the way God intended it.

Coondog :coffee:

There's a reason they're called Assault Weapons!

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 08 13:31
by Wise One
One of the many causes of gun deaths that has almost nothing to do with crime.



Posted: 2018 Mar 11 21:56
by Crux
-Hunter's Safety Education
-Competitive Shooting
-Adaptive Shooting (disabled folks)
-Eddie Eagle (gun safety education relating to kids/homes)
-Law Enforcement Training
-Shooting Ranges
-Instructor Training and Education
-Youth Camps/Summer Programs
-Legal Assistance
-Legislative Action
-The Protection of a Constitutionally Protected Individual Right
-Founded to protect the rights of blacks in the south during Reconstruction

crux- Life Member

coondog, and AO, amongst others on this "forum" are nutters. Pure and simple. Completely unhinged and not-credible commentators on the issue of "guns", the school shooting in Parkland and the obvious failures of Democratic Policies.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 11 22:30
by Wise One
Most of the resources of the NRA go not for many items on that list, but for lobbying and political payoffs aimed like a laser at increasing gun manufacturers' sales.

This is not my original idea but after careful consideration of the facts, I concur that the NRA is a Terrorist Organization directing most of its resources at killing Americans and subverting our democratic form of government, all for investor and manufacturer profit.


Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 12 15:16
by Neck-aint-red
We have a GREAT Senator.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 14 00:49
by Cannoneer
You do have a Senator neck, and he is a typical politician. He can talk for a long period of time and not say anything relevant, but he is sure to say what his supporters want to hear.

Certainly the shootings are about guns and the people who are doing the shooting are very determined people who have access to guns. Regulations will not prevent people who want a gun from getting one. The criminal element in this country is full of people who cannot legally own a gun but they still have them and use them. Regulations are only going to be obayed by law abiding people so they only have an impact on law abiding people.

The people who are doing the shooing are either crazy or filled with hate and both of those kinds are hard tospot and harder to stop.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 14 01:49
by Raiz
Neck-aint-red wrote:We have a GREAT Senator.

1. Nope, the guy is a manipulator. He said the mentally ill person fell through a glitch in the background check process and bought a gun. That isn't true. Government agencies are FAILING TO REPORT to the NICS system when someone is determined to be mentally ill. If they had followed the correct procedures, he would not have been able to get a gun, and then there would be no shooting.

2. He says everyone is trying to blame everything but the guns. This is 100% false. The guns are the ONLY thing being blamed. Show me the laws proposed to fix mental heath issues. Show me how they're trying to force gov't agencies to do their jobs and report mentally ill people to the NICS system like they are mandated to do. You CAN'T show me these things because the ONLY laws being proposed are gun laws. Nothing has been proposed to fix the mental health issue.

3. He says that the 2nd amendment needs further regulation. You need to think of the 2nd amendment the same way you think of the first. If someone wanted to tell you what you could and could not say, we are basically in a 1984 scenario. There should be no regulation on magazine size because the 2nd amendment guarantees our right to be able to defend ourselves from the government, and the government will not put a restriction on the size of the magazines that it uses when defending Senators such as the idiot elected in Virginia.

This whole thing is about the government taking away guns from people so that poeple can no longer defend themselves from tyranny. Our generation is being the instigator for history repeating itself. Our grandchildren will pay the price when they have no rights left and are slaves to their governments with no way to fight back. I think it's awful about the school shootings.... everyone does. However it's a small price to pay compared to giving up your right to defend yourself. Early Americans KNEW the government would try to strip all rights from people, and that's why they created the 2nd Amendment just after the right to free speech (1st).

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 14 16:32
by Coondog

#1 You are so right. Law Enforcement and social programs failed on so many levels its ridiculous. He should have been hauled in automatically after a few incidents to be evaluated by someone in a program that probably doesn't exist any longer due to budget cuts. Thanks republicans!

#2 Right again! Nothing is proposed because the NRA has the Congress in a death grip. Expect nothing to be done on any of these fronts. Thanks again, republicans!

#3 Keep in mind that the Constitution was developed to establish the government of a new nation. "a well regulated militia" goes hand in hand with the "shall not be infringed" phraseology. The 2nd amendment was about the people defending the country, not waging war on the government.

#4 No, its not about taking away everybody's guns. If you require an AR-15 to defend yourself, you're either super paranoid or ninja assassins are after you, in which case you'd be better off investing in a plane ticket to Tierra Del Fuego under an assumed name.

Personally, I think people should have guns. The fact that so many Americans are armed to the teeth should give ample pause to any would-be invading army. We can argue as to whether Patrick Henry wanted to avoid a "Red Dawn" type situation or wanted us to be able to stop Donald Trump from assuming lifetime presidency.

Guns have their place. Not in schools, bars or Walmart, but I don't carry one around because I figure, with so many concealed carry permits issued locally every month, somebody next to me probably already has one. Makes me feel all safe and warm.

Coondog :coffee:

Such a duplicitous FOOL

Posted: 2018 Mar 16 17:36
by Crux
Coondog wrote:
Personally, I think people should have guns.

Coondog :coffee:

You are and have simply remained, an enemy of commonsense gun ownership.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 17 00:03
by Raiz
Coondog literally took everything I said out of context and blamed Republicans for everything. I now see that he is just a forum troll with no valid arguments. His only purpose is to divide people. He will be ignored going forward. We need to concentrate on implementing solutions that can help people who have strayed away from healthy interaction with society and have become mentally ill.

I think one of the major problems is the "everyone is special" and "everyone gets a trophy even if they lost" society that has been created. We need to concentrate on good parenting and keeping government and the media from manipulating children like they've done with the recent school walkouts. Everyone knows those walkouts were coordinated by the government and the media to push forward an agenda. No 16 year old high school kid has the self awareness to coordinate a school walkout across the nation. It's just a govt tactic used to get people to pass laws to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 17 16:07
by Crux
Raiz wrote:Coondog literally took everything I said out of context and blamed Republicans for everything. I now see that he is just a forum troll with no valid arguments. His only purpose is to divide people. He will be ignored going forward.

Gosh. If you ignore coondog you are stuck with crabby Christian hating Amy P., cranky Auntie Nudge, my IDIOTIC little brother Juggler who has a strange obsession with DOUCHE, and the beta "soy boy" grandfather of this so called forum, "AO" (which stands for the Arrogant One) because I long ago gave up lowering myself to call him wise...

This forum is full of leftists who shouldn't own guns, due to dependence upon prescription medication, and drugs, generally, honestly.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 18 23:42
by Wise One
The NRA and its supporters have been killing children for years.

Let's put a stop to this!


Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 19 11:31
by Cannoneer
The figures in (put a stop to this) do not match up to the facts and your statement that the NRA and it's suporters have been killing children for years is as ridicules as your opening statement on this thread.
Instead of blaming guns and people who support the second amendment for the shootings why don't you wake up and use the big brain you claim to have to come up with some doable ideas that may prevent these shootings or at least minimize the number of deaths.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 21 17:05
by Coondog
Raiz entertains us with this:

No 16 year old high school kid has the self awareness to coordinate a school walkout across the nation. It's just a govt tactic used to get people to pass laws to take guns away from law abiding citizens. wasn't the students, but a government tactic that coordinated the school walkouts. A government comprised of a republican executive branch and republicans holding both houses of congress, in charge of the Department of Justice and a majority of republicans on the supreme court (thanks to the theft of an Obama appointment).

The question is, if you despise both liberals and the government, who do you like, if anybody??

Coondog :hum:

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 21 23:05
by Wise One
Gunnies keep saying that guns have nothing to do with gun deaths/injuries. In fact, the only "problem" they recognize is a "lack" of guns, more would make us safer. Horsefeathers!

I came across two reference today giving both rate of gun ownership and rate of gun deaths, by state. I wondered, "Is there a connection between the two?"

Each point on the graph below is one state. The result indicates an unmistakable correlation between prevalence of guns and the chance of gun death (correlation coefficient = 0.7). We must drive a stake through the nonsensical NRA ideology that turns the facts upside down.

gunDeathsVsOwnership.png (23.32 KiB) Viewed 4516 times

  1. Gun ownership rates by state
  2. Gun death rates by state

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 21 23:09
by Cannoneer
What you seem to overlook Coondog is the fact that the Republicans in the government are not really all Republicans and certainly not all conservitives.
And most of the country seems to think that making more restrictive gun laws will fix all the problems that are causing the shootings.
If laws alone could prevent crime we wouldn't need jails or police. I guess you liberals don't understand that.

Re: BANG !

Posted: 2018 Mar 22 15:47
by Coondog
You're right! No single law is going to solve all of the problems associated with gun violence. But, enhanced scrutiny of military style weaponry and, particularly who is buying them and why doesn't seem like a bad idea.

I also understand the affinity for guns, and projectiles in general for that matter. People love to shoot things into the air. Nerf guns, rubber darts and such are favored by little kids. Potato launchers by bigger kids. Guns and arrows by even bigger kids. It's when they go from shooting things into the air to shooting things into people that things go awry. That's when we need laws to separate average Gun Nuts from the occasional Nut with a Gun.

I see no laws proposed that would affect 99.9% of gun owners. Neither does a majority of gun owners. Only the NRA, the congressmen they own and those they have managed to frighten think somebody is coming for their guns. :hiding2: