Carilion Hospitals and Clinics

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Carilion Hospitals and Clinics

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How many others out there have trouble with Carilion? First off, I went to ER for kidney stones in 2016 and again in 2018 . the first visit was without insurance and the second with. the first visit was $4000+ and the second with insurance was $8000 + the first one they wanted me to pay $2500 the second they wanted $4200 I did the financial assistance app and the first was taken care of the second one they still want me to pay $1700 and I told them I would pay $50 to $100 a month until paid in full. They want me to do medkey credit that charges 6% interest and I refuse!! anyhow , where I broke my finger in October and I went to urgent care to try and save money WRONG!!!! my boss paid for the visit that day and now I have a bill for $150!!!! How is this right? How is it right they charge for services we don't ask for and to double charge for services? Anyone else have this trouble with Carilion? they have threaten to take me to court and garnish my wages everytime I have talked to them on the phone! A working man does not have a chance in Hell with these corporate crooks!!!!

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Re: Carilion Hospitals and Clinics

Postby Wise One » 2019 Feb 03 14:06

I feel your pain. You too have experienced the sour taste of the American medical health care system, horrible in the world of affluent/industrialized countries.

With so many actors (doctors, support people, hospitals, insurance companies, government, etc.) the present system is bewilderingly complex, horribly expensive, unfair, and poor at delivering services to those who need them most. That is whey we are ranked eleventh among the countries shown below:
We can do better. Instead of the complexity of many insurance companies whose goal is to deliver large salaries and bonuses to CEO's, with a bewildering set of rules that always disfavor the insured, we need a single efficient government payer. Most other countries do this, and US experts, agree that this would save enormous sums of money and result in superior health care delivery.

Notice from the chart above for eleven countries, not only are we last in terms of overall ranking, we are last in terms of cost, efficiency, equity, and overall health results. We can do better. Obamacare was the first step toward improvement, but there are many more yet to be taken.

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