liberal Democrats

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liberal Democrats

Postby Cannoneer » 2017 Mar 23 00:45

This will be my last post on this forum. I'm certain it will be removed due to Stonewall's being a liberal.

Until a few couple of months ago I thought of liberal Democrats as just people who saw things with a different view of things than my own views.
After the election didn't go the way they wanted it to go they showed their real colors.
Namely a combination of spoiled brats, an out of control mob and a group of deviates who will stop at nothing to hurt anyone who does not agree with them. And since most of the people on this forum are liberals I no longer wish to stay.

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Is Your Administrator Biased?

Postby Stonewall » 2017 Mar 26 21:18

Your forum administrator is neither liberal nor conservative.
He aims to be an impartial provider of this Rockbridge Forum service that people will enjoy to air their views, whatever they may be.
He does not delete postings, ever, unless they cross a line into the unlawful, a situation that has never happened.
All are welcome.
All views are welcome.
You and your views are, as always, welcome.

I have no control over who joins and participates. If you feel that your views are underrepresented, then perhaps you might encourage others with similar views to participate?

Thanks for your posts! Stonewall, your administrator ... just an "empty suit."