Islam, The Middle East, et. al.

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Re: Islam, The Middle East, et. al.

Postby Neck-aint-red » 2015 Dec 13 12:09

Now this is a class act.

You will never see such intelligence, generosity, and grace in an American Republican politician.

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Are you dead inside, Benhazi, Obama

Postby Crux » 2016 Aug 24 08:55

If this doesn't touch you I just don't know about you.....

Here is the simple little song with it's simple lyrics. Perfect small town country song for Rockbridge County.

“We did not lose a single American in that action,” Hillary declared in last nights forum with Matt Lauer on the USS Intrepid.

Clinton was referencing the 2011 overthrow of Mummer Gaddafi that left Libya in chaos. Less than a year later the American
diplomatic compound in Benghazi was attacked, killing Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods ,and Glen Doherty....

Oh yah. THAT Libya :shakeh: The WHOLE Libya thing was an unnecessary debacle. Throwing down Libya was just a CIA Obama Clinton
stepping stone to attempt to throw down Syria by arming and whipping up AQ and ISIS and trying to get them to take out Assad.

What a mess. What a HACK (cough).

Nothing to see here. 2 or 3 lone wolves getting together to PARTY. Nothing to connect the incidents. Not Islam.

VOTE HILLARY. She will bring in another 550,000 in her first term. We are stronger because we will integrate not assimilate these new welfare recipient Muslim men of fighting age. Don't be allarmed that there is a systematic effort NOT to allow the indigenous CHRISTIAN population to "integrate".

Our strength is in our diversity... See how well it is working in Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin???

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Postby Crux » 2016 Sep 19 14:19

SWEDEN!! This is a disturbing PC ad. In the end the Muslim woman looks up and tells us "this is a new country".

Suck it up buttercup.

German ad extolling the JOY of adopting the Islamic way. This is sick stuff. This is the propaganda of the PC left.


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Re: Islam, The Middle East, et. al.

Postby fangz1956 » 2016 Oct 15 08:52

Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can be Sold As Self-defense

We have no real media left and just a smattering of real journalists still exist.

The war drums are pounding loud and clear. Our government and their corporate cronies will not be happy until they have fully ignited WWIII.

Here's one more courtesy of Democracy Now! Obama is Killing Yemen

Ever looked at someone and thought "the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead"?

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The Islamophiles of the Left are SICK

Postby Crux » 2018 Nov 21 12:40 ... -arrested/

The Left, and their WEIRD conjunction with Islam is SICK. The above story is what the Left DISLIKES for some strange reason.