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Postby Coondog » 2014 May 08 16:09

Make one good point and let's examine it.

The point is on top of your head. And, yes, it should be examined. Coondog is an expert in phrenology!

We can separate the lumps from the bumps and, maybe, figure out what's wrong in there.

One suspects that it is Obama. He seems to get blamed for everything that's broken!

Dr. Coondog, PHDSPCA

We may have to operate :knife: Or just pound out the bumps :violent1:

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Not suprised.

Postby Crux » 2014 May 09 03:38

You failed the test. You do not care to debate, or self examine. So be it... The visitor and casual observer has you pegged for a blowhard, at best.