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Postby Crux » 2016 Sep 14 08:08

fangz1956 wrote:Image

Milo gives and entertaining talk. He covers just about 8 of the 100 instances he can find of lesbians MAKING UP HATE CRIMES, and examines why.
He presents the fact that lesbians are reported to commit higher rates of domestic violence than men in straight relationships (30% to 7%).
He speaks of the fluidity of female sexuality vs male, and the 30 years of feminist attack on all things domestic and traditional family.

He takes questions at about 43 minutes in. Milo Yiannololis is the BRILLIANT gay conservative senior tech editor at Breitbart,
that fabulously successful new media, alt right, tea party, libertarian and TRUE LIBERAL web construct. Fangz you should give
Milo a whirl. You are not a scared are you???


Thanks for the eye roll. In the climate of Democrat Deception and DNC Double Dealing and the Hack Hillary Hell,
I know it takes a lot out of you to even go that far. Bernie Sanders should be the nominee. I can't believe that the
voters and the good people of America got so USED by the Left. WAIT.

I CAN. :naughty:

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2am in Chicago, -15 DEGREES, and it's "MAGA COUNTRY" ?

Postby Crux » 2019 Feb 18 08:31

If you haven't seen the interview, you really need to watch it: DISGUSTING ... ers-video/

It really is sad. FAKE HATE CRIME against a gay actor. This was a planned and paid for FAKE HATE CRIME.

The assailants were not two white dudes shouting "MAGA!", rather they were two Nigerian Body Builders who worked on the Empire set with the MASTERMIND, "jussie". The brothers bought the rope that was used in the FAKE MAGA HATE CRIME. This was a FAKE HATE CRIME.

The anti-gay slurs were just part of the show.... :tongue3:

ENJOY would be the wrong word. DISGUST is a better word. Just watch the video interview if you haven't. It is so pathetic.

This was an activist, a gay activist who orchestrated YET ANOTHER HOAX HATE CRIME, and the Leftists, Celebs, and the Legacy Media pushed the story and the narrative, as a political assault on political opposition. This is pure crazy-making evil and an assault on our society.


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Postby nudgewink » 2019 Feb 21 12:08

Not seeing any point in this post.

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Postby Juggler » 2019 Feb 22 12:07

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Let's see his college records!

Postby Crux » 2019 Feb 22 19:11

The inability to FOCUS is a problem. JUSSIE and his hatred stands on it's own.

Trump has never used racially divisive tactics, HRC DID commit "email crimes" and that is clear as day, and if you think there is nothing shady about Obama and his birth claims/issues, you haven't really studied....

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Beyond this there is actually some very shady SHADE around his "certificate of live birth". It has been studied:

If you are at all tech savvy, you can go through the proofs yourself.