Is Rockbridge Wonderful, Nuts, or Evil?

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Postby RGuyKindle » 2015 Mar 25 15:34

It has been a long time since I felt able to express myself appropriately. The problems we all share are all confusing and complicated and there are so many different perspectives as to how to deal with them leaving little room for compromise. But lately I have been rebelling against the status quo, sometimes consciously sometime not. For instance I was instrumental in convincing the ex Town Manager Paul Parker to resign "for personal reasons", the Truth of that matter was that several Glasgow citizens and myself were bullied and abused by Paul Parker and we each took our several ways to make him reconsider his usefulness to the citizens of Glasgow with the attitude he had.

The Town Council and Mayor did their best to sweep it under the rug, but it couldn't. The displeasure of those who had been affected by Mr. Parker's words, actions and lies would not go away. I must admit that until he finally left I was irate and desperate, I felt that as a taxpaying citizen I had no recourse but put up with the abuse of those in authority and the flagrant violation of my civil liberties, but uncomfortable as that period was to me, we eventually arrived at the proper resolution. No Public Servant has the right to abuse any Citizen, especially on the taxpayers dime.

Recently, I turned my attention to abuses by those service providers who have abused my trust, I guess they felt I had no other alternatives then to follow the herd of customers they had penned in Rockbridge County because of our rural and laid back characters, well it is True, people in this section of America are so nice and friendly they seldom say anything bad about anyone and that is one of the charms of this beautiful area, so rich in history and tradition. I had a dispute with Centurylink, apparently through some misunderstanding they paid a demand by Dish Network whom I had previously cancelled, I had signed on with Direct TV in a new agreement with Centurylink. Well they paid Dish which threw my Direct TV account in arrears. I called them thinking that this mistake could easily be rectified and was shocked to find out that customer service to them was to disregard me. I next called Dish, same thing. I then called and had them both on the line and guess what, they ganged up on me.

So, I researched my alternatives. I found that I could have all those services (phone, internet and television) for about $70 a month instead of the $170 a month I was being charged. Not only that but it was the fastest internet provided by RANA and Blueridge InternetWorks and by purchasing a few devices I could have free telephone and TV. WELL, can you imagine my satisfaction when I put my plan in action and called Centurylink and firing them, I made sure to thank them for providing me with notoriously slow DSL and screwing up my account. Unfortunately, Direct TV was a casualty of that war and they could not compete with Free TV and even though they provided good customer service and were relatively loyal, they had to go and sincerely felt bad when I terminated our contract.

I guess the whole point of this dissertation is, we are all asleep until some bad dream awakens us. Funny thing is the bad dream is just an illusion, but you find it difficult to go back to sleep. Here is some advice: If your peaceful Life is disturbed by the illusion of someone elses power over your Life, Liberty and Happiness, don't go back to sleep...Do something about it...I guarantee you'll sleep better.

My next adventure to take on the failing education system. Oh, and I just can't wait for the 2016 elections. When will we All start telling those we pay to do what we want? I am not paying taxes to be told what to do or what they will do to me if I don't comply. I'm paying taxes to maintain the freedoms and liberties for myself, my family and my neighbors. I want the people I pay that money at least listen.

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Re: Awakening

Postby 1Centrist » 2015 Mar 25 18:39

I called about connecting via RANA when I first arrived here in Rockbridge. We never got around to plan pricing because I was informed early on that I had to pay for the "wiring" between the closest junction box and my home. Did you avoid this installation cost or was it nominal based on your location?

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Re: Is Rockbridge Wonderful, Nuts, or Evil?

Postby fangz1956 » 2015 Jun 17 09:43

6 Southern Gems

According to Southern Living....this put Lexington at Number 1 on the list.

Ever looked at someone and thought "the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead"?

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Re: Is Rockbridge Wonderful, Nuts, or Evil?

Postby Dowzer » 2018 Aug 11 16:50

I remember calling a plumber and then he wanted to charge me $500 for a tub flange. I asked him if it was pure gold and said I'd go to Lowe's. This is typical of sub-contractors and others dying to rip you off in Rockbridge County.
--One gardener said he was a certain amount per hour and I said, "for one person?" Yes. Then he brought two guys, he stood and talked to me [NEVER worked] while the other worked and then charged me double without blinking an eye.
--Or the electrical guy who left 4 live wires open and the panel completely wrong & my house has been completely rewired because of him. $$$$$$
--Or the plumber who came to fix our disposal (something caught) and said, "nothing wrong with it" as it ground to a halt.
--How about the well-known electrical company paid to do some receptacle work. But later found the switch would not operate. Called back and they sent LARGE bill for work they should have done correctly the first time.
--The guy who came to refinish the floor (sent by a subcontractor) in a unique product; did it in reverse and charged me big bill. Never read the instructions. THE ENTIRE HOUSE.
etc etc
BUT, over the years I can firmly say I know a great tile guy.
Yes, I have asked friends and contractors for referrals.
Somebody needs to do a website of reputable people in the area we can call for services.