The Lunatic Fringe - Examples & Comments

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Re: The Lunatic Fringe - Examples & Comments

Postby 1Centrist » 2015 Jun 19 09:41

Why is this story more interesting than any tabloid journalism one sees on the supermarket checkout line? This woman is either a little off or a con artist? (I'm going with the former.) It resonates in the same way the film I Passed for White did in the early 1960's. Here's the NYT review:
I PASSED FOR WHITE," one of the year's more formidable titles, was suitably employed on the Allied Artists release that opened at neighborhood theatres yesterday. The film is fully as specious as it sounds.

Sonya Wilde plays the light-complexioned Negro girl who marries the wealthy blond scion of a snobbish "society" family without revealing her background. After suffering extensively and bearing a still-born child, she finally goes home to her mother, leaving the situation totally unresolved.

Amateurishly written, directed and played, this low-budget offering capitalizes on a delicate theme by depicting its subject in terms of tabloid sensationalism. The result, particularly for the audience, is grim.

But it was "popular" in a controversial way. To the extent the Dolezal brouhaha lasts as "news," I bet it's because the rightwing media thinks it can make political hay out of it.

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Cocks not Glocks

Postby Crux » 2016 Aug 24 09:46

A titillating story my own Little Brother would appreciate. Coondog will surely salivate all over this.
Auntie Nudge will blow a gasket for me posting this, even though it is her ken who peddle this silliness. ... n-protest/

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Coondog should have never let this photo out. I still can't believe it's HIM! :laughing: