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Wise One
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Re: Follow the Bouncing Ball

Postby Wise One » 2018 May 16 22:28

Crux wrote:You seem not to care, or to understand, that when Twitter, or Facebook, or Youtube, or Google, censor, shadow ban, de-monitize, BAN, or manipulate search results and algoraithems to the DETRIMENT of CONSERVATIVES and LIBERTARIANS in a heavy handed authoritarian way, that is a fine example of RICH GLOBALIST PROGRESSIVE AUTHORITARIANISM.
It is JERKS like you who CHEER when a pizza shop or cupcake shop is TARGETED FOR FINES, social doxing, and BANKRUPTCY. You are NASTY...

Proud to wear the JERK banner, a small price to pay for pushing back against the nonsense rantings above.

At the core of every radical "conservative" you will find a person like Crux who detests freedom. Do the actions he dislikes occur? Yes, liberal proprietors exercise the freedom we all have. Likewise, ultraconservative sites do exactly the same, believe me I've tested it on conservative sites. That's just the way it is.

I believe in freedom for any web site operator to set his own rules. It's a free marketplace. Those whose rules appeal to users will be popular, and others will not be.

And, yes, boycotts are as old as the country itself. They are practiced on all ends of the political spectrum. My wife boycotts Hobby Lobby because of their religious intolerance, and radical evangelicals with a pee fetish boycott Target. It's all good.

"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like Donald Trump."

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The Trouncing Fall

Postby Crux » 2018 May 16 22:33

We will just have to disagree. The word UTILITY comes to mind, for me, the big tech companies, and for the government. Your argument is lame and you know it. The WHINE that these are innocent private companies is LAUGHABLE and pathetic. My point on the truly private SMALL businesses who are targeted by leftist like the pizza shop and cake shop that don't want to bake the gay goods is apt. You lost this round....

I don't champion censorship, or the unequal treatment of politicos on these platforms. You do. You can wear the term JERK and CENSOR.