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Going round and round, round for round....

Postby Crux » 2019 Aug 15 15:38

Bottom line, AO doesn't trust free-law-abiding citizens to have the effective means of self defense.
Bottom line, AO doesn't trust minorities, gays, women or the vulnerable to keep and bear arms.
Fact is, AO has stated that he wants a POWERFUL police state, and will live a black market.
Fact is, AO wants community armories, maintained by the State, to house your firearms.
AO wants you DISARMED, effectively a serf, or SUBJECT. He doesn't TRUST YOU.......

Doesn't matter if you are gay, black, Hispanic, a woman, elderly, or vulnerable.

HE DOESN'T TRUST you because he doesn't trust himself! He has said as much.
AO is exactly the kind of "guy" who shouldn't own a firearm, and he knows it...

BTW the statistics cited in my previous post are from an LA Times article that today GOOGLE is making unavailable. Why? Because the states cited went viral a few days ago and now it is being suppressed. As I recall the methodology, "mass shootings" were defined as 8 or more dead, not counting the murderer. ... -rampages/

Notice the above GOOGLE link doesn't take you to the actual LA Times article, rather a list of the dead from the STILL MURKY AND SUPPRESSED Las Vegas incident. We still haven't been given the details of that "single shooter" mystery... Speaking of "mass shooting" as a term, note that it is an UNDEFINED and UNOFFICIAL term with no common definition. "Mass Murderer" is a term defined, and we will argue over "mass shootings"....

CRUX -a humble patriot, family man, who TRUST YOU to own a firearm, and carry that gun so long as you are not a depressed lunatic, like AO.

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Re: BANG !

Postby Coondog » 2019 Sep 17 16:26

I'm sure this conversation will continue over lasers and ray guns when they begin mass marketing them.

The fear inspired obsession with personal protection is indicative of a sick society. The logical trajectory leads to the rationalization that we need land mines to keep the hoards of ninjas seeking to invade our homes, take our valuables and rape our wives and daughters at bay.

You'll be able to set your phasers to stun should you choose, but you know you wont. That would be too much like limiting yourself to conventional weaponry. Should the amount of anti-matter matter when it comes to ray gun capacity? Will WO be coming to take your ray guns away? Only time will tell how much fear can be spawned, not over whether we will have even survived that long, but over existentiasl questions of whether ray guns in schools is a good idea.