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Re: BANG !

Postby Cannoneer » 2018 Aug 09 18:55

well k9, It sounds like you still don't understand even after the quotes from the people who wrote the Bill of Rights.

The milita was the whole body of the people and to be well regulated ment to be armed and trained. Not what stupid one wrote, "Lest they run amuck."

If you were a male able to bear arms you were in the milita even if you didn't want to be.

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Wise One
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Re: BANG !

Postby Wise One » 2018 Nov 13 23:17

We can thank the NRA and lapdogs Republicans for this shining example of American Exceptionalism.

"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like Donald Trump."

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Re: BANG !

Postby Juggler » 2018 Nov 14 08:59

Editorial correction.

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My Little Brother is a numbskull.

Postby Crux » 2018 Nov 14 16:49

Juggler wrote:Editorial correction.


First of all The NRA recieves ZERO tax dollars from the Federal Government, unlike Planned Parenthood, and AMAZON: ... w-hq-deal/

Nice that the Lib Virginia AG will help to CONCEAL the FOIA facts from the Virginia Public, who is making Bezos RICH.

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Danny Dain

Postby Danaity » 2018 Dec 09 13:26

Cannoneer wrote:Its quite relevant. We are discussing gun violence and you suggest rules will cause people to behave themselves. And your analogy about traffic lights is out of place. Big difference between running a red light and shooting someone.

What you wrote is not a list of practical suggestions, and what other countries do is irrelevant in the United States. We are still a country of nearly free people.

My statement about your little world was meant to be as silly as your list of laws. I guess you are just too wise to understand that.

When I suggested arming teachers to stop the shooters you rejected it because it would only reduce the number of murders. Now you say the main problem has nothing to do with crime.
A very large percent of gun deaths are a result of suicide. People commit suicide for many different reasons. Both physical and mental pain, or to escape some kind of consequences for something they had done. How they choose to kill themselves is nobody's business but their own.

Also. I'd like to remind you that the second amendment is part of The Bill of RIGHT'S, not the bill of "PRIVILEGES."

Hi Although suicide is technically a crime,
in this scenario, it shouldn'
t be considered as a crime as our emphasis is on the guns.
And you're right,
how a person commits suicide is his/her decision. :turn: :turn:

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Re: BANG !

Postby Stonewall » 2018 Dec 10 10:55

Always happy to welcome new participants, "Danaity".
I do hope that your Pakistani IP address does not indicate you are just another spam/troll.
Leaving your posting up in hopes that you'll come back and convince us.
Thanks for your posts! Stonewall, your administrator ... just an "empty suit."