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by anonymoose
2017 Jan 05 00:23
Topic: American Healthcare
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Re: American Healthcare

Crux..... For about the zillionth time.........the ACA is based on the plan in Massachusetts designed by none other than Mittens Romney and his cronies. As far as the national plan, Big Pharma and Big Insurance had a major hand in the final draft while professional organizations such as the AMA wer...
by anonymoose
2017 Jan 04 23:35
Topic: BANG !
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Re: BANG !

Wise One and others have hit on the issue of accessibility. Here is an article that helps explain, although the violence issue is multi-faceted. . Not cited in this particular article, Virginia bears much responsibility for gu...
by anonymoose
2017 Jan 04 23:12
Topic: The Rule of Law
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Re: The Rule of Law

He is worthless, to us rank-and-file. But apparently valuable to those with means to finance their special interests. Short of natural expiration, it will take a mighty-mighty force to unseat him. But in this climate, and if Virginians wake up, he could unseat himself. Agreed, he needs to go.